Custom built firearms, quality repairs, muzzlebrakes, metal refinishing, and fiberglass stock work by Rick Steinhour

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Gerneral Shop Services Price
Dissasemble, clean, safety check,oil, and reasemble, most firearms$45.00
Minimum shop charge per firearm$25.00
Hourly Gunsmithing rate, on unlisted workFrom $85.00
Machine Shop hourly rate, on custom projects From $110.00
Scope Mounting and sight instalation Price
Install scope bases, rings, mount scope, and bore sight, for most mount systems, and most firearms. Alterations to mounts, drilling, and tapping ect. extraFrom $25.00
Install mounts as above with Quick detach and custom mounts.From $45.00
Drill and tap for sights. Per hole price.From $20.00
Fit and install iron sights. Drill and tap or soldering may be required.From $55.00
Solder or weld on sights. Requires metal refinish.From $55.00
Remount sights on factory tapped firearms.$15.00
Fit and install barrel band front sight..From $95.00
Cut sight dovetail slots.From $50.00
Remove sights and install plug screws..From $15.00
Fit and install sight slot blanks.From $15.00
Fit and install Quarter ribs. From $200.00
Action and trigger work Price
True actions, square bolt face, hand lap locking lugs.(blueprint)From $125.00
Hand lap locking lugs, with no other action trueing..From $75.00
Open bolt face, most rifles. Extractor conversion required on some.From $75.00
M 16 Extractor conversion for most Remington bolt actions.From $125.00
Sako style extractor conversion..From $150.00
Fit and install factory extractors.From $45.00
Open and radius ejection port on rifle actions.From $100.00
Action and bolt lightening. By quoteFrom $50.00
Remove sights and install plug screws.$25.00
Opening feed rails, and feeding conversions.From $100.00
Forge bolt handles on 98 Mausers and Springfield ect.From $100.00
Jewel bolt body.From $100.00
Install three position type safeties.From $165.00
Install Bueler type safeties, Millitary actions.From $50.00
Install factory type safetiesFrom $40.00
Fit and install detachable magazine assembly.From $175.00
Switch barrel conversion on actionFrom $100.00
Custom mag box conversions.From $100.00
Trigger job- most long gunsFrom $75.00
Install and adjust custom trigger, Shillen, Jewell, Timney, ect.From $85.00
Barrel and Chamber work Price
Barrel Fluting.(may require refinishing)From $200.00
Head Space check done serperately.From $30.00
Remove barrel fouling.From $45.00
Stuck case removal. (Owners Risk)From $55.00
Remove bore obstruction. (owners risk)From $55.00
Chamber Casting.From $40.00
Polish Chamber. (some actions require removal)From $55.00
Cut and recrown barrel, with 11 recessed traget crown.From $75.00
Thread barrel.From $100.00
Set barrel back and rechamber, to correct head space or change calibre.From $125.00
Install factory barrel to headspace.From $100.00
Install custom barrel, thread, chamber, 11 degree recessed target crown..From $225.00
Install barrel band swivel.From $75.00
Install muzzle brake, our design, 11 degree crown, slim line style.From $185.00
Install other makers brakes + cost of break.From $175.00
Bore scope inside of barrel, to check throat erosion, ect.$35.00
Metal Finishing Price
Refinishing include dissasembly, cleaning, and reassembly of the firearm. Some shops price these services seperatly from the refinishing costs.
Matte Blue most firearms.From $175.00
Factory type 320 grit polish and blue.From $200.00
High luster polish and blue.From $275.00
Parkerizing.From $175.00
Black Teflon finish.From $300.00
Bead blast Stainless steel firearm. Dissasembly and reasembly inc.$85.00
Stock Work Price
Instalation of recoil pad--- Labor only +pad. Most Synthetic stocks, and most standard wood stocks.From $45.00
High grade wood stocks.From $65.00
Install Flush mount sling swivels.From $35.00
Install cross pins in wood stocksFrom $30.00
Install recoil reducers in butt stockFrom $30.00
Glass bed barrel and action From $125.00
Pillar bed barrel and actionFrom $175.00
Fit Pre finished synthetic stocksFrom $65.00
Prep and paint fiberglass stocks From $100.00
Refinish wood stocksFrom $125.00
MPI custom Fiberglass stock, fitted, pillar bedded, free floated barrel, painted, sling studs, Decelerator pad to your length of pull, ready to shoot (Thumbhole, Mannlicher, Bench rest, Styles ect. are more.)From $500.00

Add $80.00 for graphite Kevlar light weight
Add $125.00 for 13 OZ. Extra light weight Graphite Kevlar

We do most of the custom bedding work for MPI Stocks in Portland OR. and can put most rifles into fiberglass stocks.

We offer Custom Fiberglass stocks for most makes and models of rifles and do custom fitting of one off firearms, and low production or disscontinued models that are not offered by other stock makers, such as Colt Sauer, Golden Eagle, Winchester 100s and 88s, Savage 99, Marlin lever actions, Ruger #1s & 3s, Browning BARs, Mannlicher Schonaur, and many more. We can put your Ruger 77 into a Dakota style Stock or your Remington Model 7 into a Manlicher style stock

Call with your need or ideas.

Rick Steinhour
Extreme Rifle Works
1488 County Road 3816
Bullard Texas 75757

Phone # (903)-894-3011